Why Should We Invest In Blockchain Training?

Blockchain is currently in a state where it has the potential to impact almost all the business niches. When we talk about Blockchain, then there are several benefits that it provides, right from providing a transparent and seamless platform for the exchange of data and money, it also provides a good career option. As per LinkedIn, in 2019, Blockchain was the most in-demand skills. Some of the nations where we have witnessed huge growth and demand for Blockchain experts are the USA, UK, France, Germany and Australia. Some of the biggest names in the industry like Facebook and Deloitte have a dedicated department that solely works on exploring the different avenues of implementation of Blockchain technology. From governance to digital identity, Blockchain has the potential to impact all the segments.

With an estimated whooping growth of 67.3% between 2016 and 2025, Blockchain is poised to be a game-changer in the industry, and if you too are willing to make a good career, then Blockchain certification is the right way. While Blockchain certifications are surely good for freshers and graduate students, it is also a great option for working professionals who are willing to upskill themselves or want to get a boost in their salary package. There are several reasons which make Blockchain training a must for you, and here will be exploring the same.


Blockchain Training: Why it is important for you?

Promising Career: The first thing that makes Blockchain training worthwhile is that it provides the scope for a good career. Consolidating your job profile and security is paramount for every individual. If you are also looking for choosing a course that can provide good pay with job security, then Blockchain is the one for you. Motivating packages are yet another reason why you should be considering investing in Blockchain training. The average salary of a Blockchain professional ranges between $80,000 to $1,50,000 in 2019. And in the years to come, we can expect this number to increase.  

Higher demand: The demand for Blockchain professional is going to rise in the future. There is still a huge gap between the demand for Blockchain professionals and the talent that is actually there. Hence opting for a Blockchain certification is surely going to add a star to your badge. Moreover, learning about a new technology puts you on an upper edge as compared to the ones who are still dwindling around age-old technologies. 

More industries are joining hands– The fact is that Blockchain is a promising and futuristic technology and many big names like Facebook, IBM, Wallmart, Amazon, Volvo and many others are venturing in the pool of Blockchain technology and are looking for new ways of implementing this technology for the benefit of their business. But that’s not all. Many startups are also working in this domain. These startups are going to transform the business and would require the assistance of Blockchain professionals who can help in leveraging Blockchain technology. 

Uses across the different business verticals– If you are still relying on the notion that Blockchain is used only in the field of technology. Still, the fact is that Blockchain finds application across the different industrial segments like finance, human resource, marketing, supply chain and others. So, irrespective of the industrial segment, Blockchain will be omnipresent, thus showcasing the demand for Blockchain professionals across the different business niche. So, having Blockchain training is going to help get a job across different business niches. 

DLT platforms are the need of the hour– While we are extensively using the internet, there is surely a need for a platform that can guarantee complete data security. With a DLT platform, there is a guarantee of the same. Blockchain platforms have features like decentralization, peer-to-peer interaction, and data security. Let’s focus on data security here. Cybercrimes are on a high rise, and this is because the conventional platforms that we are using are loaded with bottlenecks, it is quite easy to penetrate and sabotage the data. With Blockchain intervention, it becomes easier to have a system which is highly secure. Since every data on the DLT is time-stamped and is encrypted cryptographically, the threat of data breach reduces. We have also seen some remarkable developments in terms of permissioned Blockchain, which further answers all the queries associated with public Blockchain and provides an enterprise solution which is highly secure. Since most of the companies will be eyeing at DLT platforms, having a Blockchain certification is going to help you get a good job.

Work for yourself: Why only rely on a job, acquiring a skill should equip you to become self0sustainable. Since Blockchain is going to be a technology that most of the companies would be demanding, undergoing Blockchain training and leveraging your services as a freelancer is going to help you. You will have the flexibility of working at your chosen hours, and if you excel at it, then you can also start your business. Develop your apps and start exploring your role as a Blockchain startup.

These were some of the reason that is good enough for you to get into Blockchain training or enrol for Blockchain certification program. Amongst the different learning platform, Blockchain Council is one of the most renowned one allowing you to access all the information and concepts related to Blockchain along with practical implementation. This comprehensive learning program has been designed for freshers as well as working professionals. You cannot miss an opportunity to learn about a technology that is going to drive the future. 


The Bottom Line

This concludes to the fact that investing in Blockchain training is going to be a positive move for your career. Blockchain training program is a must if you wish to grow as Blockchain expert. 

The technology has already created a fervour in the market, and with its growing range of applications, we can conclude that Blockchain training is worth your time and money.