Amazing Tips To Make Your Assignment Look Presentable

Assignment writing is an essential task for a student in his academic life. To achieve good marks and excellent rank in the semester, a student needs to compose a brilliant assignment to woo professors with his writing skills. An assignment is a vital part of students’ academic life. So, a paper needs to be written with finesse. Writing coursework is not enough; formatting is also a crucial part of composing it. Without proper structure, your assignment looks bland and dull. It makes you lose your precious marks. There is a greater chance of you failing your semester because of the low grades you have achieved with your poor assignment formatting. Thus, it is crucial to format your assignment carefully. It is one of the main processes of which students do not have the proper knowledge. 

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Tips To Make Assignment Look Presentable

To make your assignment look presentable and desirable to your professors and audience, follow the below-mentioned points of writing a paper that will help you in formatting your papers well-

Use of Ideal Font

Using an ideal font is a crucial part of writing an assignment. Most of us prefer the writing font Times New Roman as the standard font, but you can also stick to other fonts, such as Arial and Calibri, to make your assignment more desirable and look more presentable. You need to use the ideal font and format while drafting your paper because this is the most generous aspect students need to perform. The font size that you must use to form your content must remain between 11 and 12 because this is the ideal font requirement of a paper for writing the body. Always use black text over the white background because it does not make it look odd. Always write your assignment in an MS WORD file. And use the formats such as .xls, .xlsx, .doc, or .docx. 

Correct Spacing is Essential

The next step of writing a well-formatted assignment is the use of right spacing. Make sure what is the proper spacing guideline according to your university normal. Generally, you should use 1.5 spacing and only use double spacing only if your professors have asked you to. Also, leave a line between every paragraph, and if your question looks smaller, leave a blank line between every question. If your question is lengthy write the next question on a new page. Avoid block-justify your assignment although, it looks good sometimes it can make your paper look messy. Thus, our experts suggest using the left justification in your coursework.

Make Sure to Write Headings

Heading plays a vital role in showing what the specific paragraph is all about. So, if you want to sweep your audience off their feet in the first glace, make sure to write a short and catchy heading in your paper. Also, use shorter sub-headings if there is a need to explain something in the paragraph.

Write catchy title page

The title section of your coursework contains information about you and your topic. So, it is advisable to make it look attractive. Follow the below-mentioned points when you write the content of your coursework:

  • Write the title and the total number of your assignment pages. 
  • Write the name and number of the course.
  • Mention the due date of your assignment submission.
  • Mention your full name and your student number.

You need to write all the above details in the centre of the page. Start writing those details from one-third of the way down the page.

Never forget to include headers and footers

Including headers and footers to your coursework is also a crucial part of structuring. Add the following details when you are writing the header and footer in the assignment:

  • Mention your name (write your last name first and then your first name)
  • Mention your student number.
  • Include your course number.
  • Write your assignment number.
  • Write the number of pages.

In addition to it, never forget to write the serial number on each page if the coursework expects the title page and the reference list page. Also, label and number all your tables, graphs, and figures you have used in your paper. 

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